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Village of Vale at Lincoln Center Jay Dunn
Village of Vale

Running time: 1:15 min


Reciepient of Kevin Spacey Foundation grant and New Victory Theater's LABWorks multi-week development residency.  A modern Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf, the Village of Vale is a collection of songs and stories set in an Edward Gorey-meets-J.R.R. Tolkien world. Using symphonic, electronic, and choral music elements intertwined with acoustic guitars, piano, and harmonium the music of the Village of Vales combines a physical theatre aesthetic with the traditions of music-storytelling in folk. It is at once a collection of new songs, a printed and illustrated storybook, and a multi-dimensional installation and performance art show.


The Conference of the Birds

Running time: 1:36 min


Based on the poem by Farid Uddi Attar, The Conference of the Birds was adapted for the stage by Jean-Claude Carrière and Peter Brook. This Folger Theatre production was nominated for one Helen Hayes Award, "Outstanding Choreography, Resident Production", for Erika Chong Shuch.


Hear the cast speak about the show and its creation at here.


Running Time: 2:00 min


Molehills become mountains and kitchen sink drama becomes gladiatorial bloodbath. Isolated and confined to a submarine's tiny interior are a buzz-cut she-beast, a Casper Milquetoast somnambulist cross-dresser, and a passive-aggressive Elvis devotee. In this microcosm of intense anxiety and petty hatreds, devising absurd plots of revenge against one another becomes the crew's true mission. 

The Pinks

Running time: 2:02 min


The Pinks is an original, tautly written historical fiction and darkly comic spy story about real life Confederate spy Rose Greenhow—a woman in a traditionally male profession— and the Pinkerton agents set on taking her down.  Drawing on graphic novels and film noir, Gold No Trade uses its signature physical style to uncover the fascinating history of two American female spys. 


Watch an excerpt of the physical, graphic novel style here.

Handshake Uppercut

Running time: 2:28 min


Two gentleman brawlers drag each other through eternity with only each other’s courtesy and cruelty to keep them alive.  A hysterical, brawling clash of 1920’s silent film and rock n' roll vaudeville, Handshake Uppercut is an unabashedly dark, erotic, edgy and super-funny experience. Oscillating between gleeful savagery and seething politesse, Fringe circuit veterans John Leo (Best of Fringe, SF: '03/'08, Boulder '12) and Jay Dunn (Edinburgh & Philly ‘10) take silent comedy to its outer limits in this hilarious Beckettian duel. 

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