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Suffering from tuberculosis, Moliere begins writing what will be his final play: The Imaginary Invalid. Based on the ensemble work of Jacques Lecoq, this new production is an exploration of the tragedy of Moliere's final hours, the comedy of his very last oeuvre, and the ironic parallel of two realities that crash together in an explosion of macaronic Latin, disease, love, lazzi, and death. Adapted and directed by Jay Dunn in collboration with Middlebury students.

Set in an existential landscape evocative of Beckett, two sadomasochistic Victorian gentlemen invite an audience into their eternal battle for the upper hand. Deconstructing familiar definitions of clown and turning the rules of audience engagement on their head, Dunn & Leo descend into a wordless, fraternal brawl to win the hand of their new paramour…a chosen audience member. Equally Equally hysterical and poignant, this 60-minute, one act two-hander these mischievous gentlemen comrades lays bare the limits of our capacity for cruelty and compassion, highlighting humanity’s futile desire to control life in the face of death.

Molehills become mountains and kitchen sink drama becomes gladiatorial bloodbath. Isolated and confined to a submarine's tiny interior are a buzz-cut she-beast, a Casper Milquetoast somnambulist cross-dresser, and a passive-aggressive Elvis devotee. In this microcosm of intense anxiety, petty hatreds are exploited with gleeful abandon, order and ethics have been left behind with the Dramamine, and devising absurd plots of revenge against one another becomes the crew's true mission. Performed at Philadelphia LiveArts Festival, 2010. 

An original noir espionage thriller about the Civil War, Spy vs. Spy, Union vs. Confederacy, adapted from graphic novel to the stage.

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